A crispy organic bread, fresh from the oven, an artisanal patented würst and surprising toppings turn the classic hot dog into a refined and original dish.

piccolo, melanzane, rucola, würst, pesto, parmigiano, pomodoro and prosciutto

corn bread, coleslaw, pulled beef, würst, sweet relish, texas honey, fried onion and jalapenos

corn bread, guacamole, mexican salad, merguez würst, tandoori, nacho’s, fresh onion and jalapenos

sandwich, baked onion, sauerkraut, würst, ketchup, mustard, pickled onion, fresh onion and fried onion

sandwich, asian cabbage, soy & lime dressing, würst, sesam mayo, mango curry, coriander, peanuts and chili pepper

corn bread, chili con carne, cheddar, würst, guacamole, tandoori, jalapenos and coriander

piccolo, tomato salad, crispy lettuce, würst, bearnaise sauce, bacon, fried onion and watercress

sandwich, sauerkraut, würst, mustard, ketchup, bacon and pickels

piccolo, mimosa, crispy lettuce, würst, caesar dressing, parmesan, bacon and caperberries

Special: Argentina

piccolo, artichoke, tomato salsa, rocket salad, würst, aioli, chimichurri, pickled onion and chorizo

soft bun, würst and ketchup, mayo or mustard


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