Music or food festival?
Concert or expo?

We bring our delicious Haute Dogs to you
when you want
wherever you want!

Würst - Haute Dogs

Haute Dogs are the perfect dish during a festival or public event. That is why you often see our foodtruck. The WÜRST foodtruck is coming your way! We regularly fill our foodtrucks with the most delicious dogs and head to the best festivals and events.  The foodtruck will drive through the festival landscape all year long to serve delicious Haute Dogs to every dogfan.



100+ reviews

"A well-running food truck that was very strong in terms of both standing and food management / waste. Thanks!"

Organizer Jazz Middelheim

"Super service, worth repeating!"

Organizer Maanrock

trendy vintage foodtruck.

Our truck and/or bar are an unforgettable eyecatcher for all your event guests. We make our Haute Dogs® “on the spot”, and we prefer to grill our dogs on the spot to create even more wow effect!

artisanal and with local, Belgian products.

Haute Dogs® from an artisan butcher who works with home-grown animals on his local farm, organic bread with home-made natural dough & local vegetables. Artisanal, local and sustainable products, served on recycled and biodegradable material.

Haute dogs® with standing.

A crispy organic bread bun baked on-site in our oven, and an artisanal patented würst with surprising toppings make the classic hot dog a refined and special culinary dish.

Professional team closely follows agreements.

Our team has extensive experience at private and corporate events and monitors the preparation professionally.

WÜRST op events

Würst foodtruck

✔️   as of 65 guests
✔️   a tasty range of haute dogs
✔️   a range of adapted drinks
✔️   aperitif and dessert

What we need:
a place to park
a hungry audience


Würst foodbar

✔️   as of 150 guests
✔️   a tasty range of haute dogs
✔️   a range of adapted drinks
✔️   aperitif and dessert

What we need:
a place to park
a hungry audience

Because your festival without Würst is
like a bar without beer...

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During the "Leuven Annual Market"; large party market, fare, performances, funfair, cattle pricing camp, children's entertainment and regional products.



The Grapes festival mainly means fun: strolling around at the flea market, the craft market or the annual market, and tasting the delicious things of life.



The Zangersheide Quality Auction ensures that a good breeding product easily finds its way to the market. The breeders at the Z-auction have received top prizes for their top products.


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