Würst - Haute Dogs

by Nico Viane and Jeroen Meus

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Hotdogs become Haute Dogs

Fast and casual, yet innovative and exquisite.
It’s our policy to take very good care of each of our guests on a first come first served basis.
No need for reservations.

Feel free to walk in


Let our haute dogs take you on a ganz leckerer trip around the world.


piccolo, melanzane, rucola, würst, pesto, parmigiano, pomodoro, prosciutto
€9.0 / €11.5 xl

Memphis Soul

corn bread, coleslaw, pulled beef, würst, texas honey, sweet relish, crispy onion, jalapeños
€10.0 / €12.5 xl

Mexico '86

corn bread, guacamole, mexican salad, cilantro, merguez würst, sour cream, jalapeños, nachos
€8.0 / €10.0 xl


soft bun, onion, sauerkraut, würst, mustard, ketchup, bacon, pickled & crispy onion
€7.5 / €9.5 xl

Bacon Bearnaise

piccolo, tomato, crispy lettuce, beefwürst, béarnaise, bacon, crispy onion, watercress
€9.0 / €11.5 xl


piccolo, artichoke, tomato, rucola, beefwürst, chimichurri, aioli, chorizo, pickled onion
€11.0 / €13.5 xl

Dog Monsieur

soft bun, old beemster, ham, würst, ketchup, mustard, pickle
€8.0 / €10.0 xl

Caesar Dog

piccolo, mimosa, romaine lettuce, würst, caesar dressing, bacon, parmesan
€9.5 / €12.0 xl

Kinder Dog

choose your bun, würst, sauce


The first haute dog was served years ago. After preparing a hotdog in honour of Marlon Brando on his television show ‘Plat Preféré’, Jeroen never let go of the idea of creating a more refined and pure version of the classic snack.

Once back in Leuven, he confessed his haute ambitions to Filip Rondou, the best butcher in town. Together, they embarked on a savory sausage adventure, and created die perfekte würst für WÜRST.

Next, Jeroen started an internship at artisan biobakery De Trog where he developed the perfect buns to match the WÜRST haute dog recipes.  

A few tastings later, WÜRST was born. 

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Nederkouter 50
9000 Gent
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Questions or comments? Please let us know at info@wurstdogs.be

See you at Würst!