For every Haute Dog, a veggie and gluten-free version, some can be vegan.

Not only are our wieners additive-free, each of them also has a veggie and gluten-free version, and we also have some vegan haute dogs to offer. On top, there are plenty of delicious side dishes to choose from.

Veggie friendly!
Very well looking and tasty hot dogs. The veggie wurst is so delicious. Potato wedges are superbly seasoned. If you like them hot dogs, this is your place in Leuven

Tomáš Jurka

Delicious food, if you’re GLUTEN free you get an option of gf bread with yummy sausage

Mariana CG


So you don’t like meat? No prob!

Choose a Haute Dog, we change the würst by a veggie würst and leave the meat toppings behind

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Allergic to gluten?
We just got the thing!

Choose a Haute Dog, we change the bread by een gluten-free bread and leave the toppings with gluten behind! You get almost the same Haute Dog without any gluten!

Thanks to our delicious gluten-free bread from maya??, we can make  the delicious Haute Dogs you desire.

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Do you eat vegan?
It’s possible at Würst!

We recommend taking a Haute Dog with vegan ingredients like the Sauerkraut.

We change the bread by a gluten-free bread, the würst by a veggie würst and leave some of the toppings behind (if needed) so the Haute Dog can be totaly vegan.

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